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guise n : an artful or simulated semblance; "under the guise of friendship he betrayed them" [syn: pretense, pretence, pretext]

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  1. Customary way of speaking or acting; custom; fashion; manner; behavior; mien; mode; practice; -- often used formerly in such phrases as: at his own guise; that is, in his own fashion, to suit himself.
    • 1924: Aristotle. Metaphysics. Translated by W. D. Ross. Nashotah, Wisconsin, USA: The Classical Library, 2001. Available at: . Book 1, Part 5.
      dialecticians and sophists assume the same guise as the philosopher
  2. External appearance in manner or dress; appropriate indication or expression; garb; shape.
  3. Cover; cloak; as, under the guise of patriotism.


way of speaking or acting
  • Dutch: uiterlijk, voorkomen
  • Portuguese: aparência

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Guise is a commune in the Aisne department in Picardie in northern France. The ruins of the medieval castle of Guise, seat of the Dukes of Guise, are located in the commune.
  • Population: 6,066
  • Area: 15.54 km²
  • Altitude: 97 m


Guise is the agricultural centre of the northern area of Aisne.


Guise was the birthplace of Camille Desmoulins (1760-1794), a journalist and politician who played an important part in the French Revolution. It also hosted Jean-Baptiste Godin's familistère, created on the model of Charles Fourier's phalanstères.

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MO, action, actions, activity, acts, address, affectation, air, algorithm, alibi, angle, apology, apparel, appearance, approach, array, aspect, attack, attire, bearing, bedizenment, behavior, behavior pattern, behavioral norm, behavioral science, blanket, blind, brow, carriage, cast, cast of countenance, cloak, clothes, clothing, coat, color, coloring, complexion, comportment, conduct, configuration, costume, countenance, course, cover, cover story, cover-up, coverage, covering, covert, coverture, cowl, cowling, culture pattern, curtain, custom, demeanor, deportment, device, disguise, doing, doings, drape, drapery, dress, dressing, duds, effect, eidolon, excuse, facade, face, facet, facial appearance, false front, fashion, fatigues, favor, feathers, feature, features, feint, fig, figure, folkway, form, front, garb, garments, gear, gestalt, gestures, getup, gloss, goings-on, habiliment, habit, handle, hanging, hood, housing, image, imago, impression, investiture, investment, lame excuse, light, likeness, line, line of action, lineaments, linen, lines, locus standi, look, looks, maintien, manner, manner of working, manners, mantle, mask, means, method, methodology, methods, mien, mode, mode of operation, mode of procedure, modus operandi, modus vivendi, motions, movements, moves, observable behavior, order, ostensible motive, outfit, pall, pattern, phase, phasis, physiognomy, poise, poor excuse, port, pose, posture, practice, praxis, presence, pretense, pretension, pretext, procedure, proceeding, process, protestation, public motive, put-off, rags, raiment, reference, refuge, regard, respect, rig, robes, routine, screen, seeming, semblance, setout, sham, shape, shelter, shield, show, showing, shroud, side, simulacrum, slant, smoke screen, social science, sportswear, stalking-horse, stance, stratagem, style, subterfuge, system, tack, tactics, technique, tenor, the drill, the how, the way of, threads, togs, toilette, tone, total effect, traits, trick, trim, turn, turnout, twist, varnish, veil, vestment, vesture, view, viewpoint, visage, way, way of life, ways, wear, wearing apparel, wise
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